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What's your favorite washi? PLEASE VOTE!

I'm doing some new washis! Yes, shop is slow right now.. Yes I have LOADS in the shelves.. Can I afford it right now? Absolutely not šŸ˜‚ But I have to restocks the berries one so might has well take advantage of the expensive shipping šŸ„²

I'll be ordering a bugs and a fruits washi!

I'll be trying 2cm washis for the first time! We did the bugs one on a live last week, but now I need help for the fruits one!

First and last one are 2cm washi, the first one being a more 'deorganized' pattern. The middle one is 1.5cm washi, like the ones I normally do!

You can see them better in the photo below, to size comparation!

What do you think of these? Which one I should go for?

Please vote down below!

Please vote for your favorite!

  • 2 cm - deorganized pattern - first one

  • 1.5 cm - middle one

  • 2 cm - organized pattern - last one

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