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TUTORIAL TOMORROW! Vote for the theme!

Hello hello everyone, happy Wednesday!

Tomorrow it's the Live Tutorial day, and as always I would like for you to vote on the theme for this one! The tutorial is available for the Owls tier (5€) and up, but all of you can vote on the theme :)

These are the options that aaaalmost won on the polls from the previous months. Vote on your favorite for tomorrow :)

DISCLAIMER: For the 'My style journey: how to improve and find your style' it will be more of a chat and I would show you my work over the years, talk about what I wanted to improve and how the changes I made influenced my style.

Vote for the tutorial!

  • How I make enamel pins

  • My style journey: how to improve and find your style

  • Brushes I use and how

  • How to create cute characters

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