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This month's theme is...

Tan tan taaaaan.. This month's theme is.. SEAGULLS!

If you're a paying Patreon or website member, you know I had a situation with a baby seagull this week! I share it all on my close friends stories eheh.

I had to get someone pick it up and getting it to a shelter because she was stuck here, couldn't fly and I live on a third floor... Not the best combination!

So I got inspired and wanted to draw some seagulls in honor of the cutie.

Can't wait to draw these crazy guys! 

Want to draw some seagulls with me?

★ This month's live drawing will be on the 17th, at 1pm WEST. Grab all of your inspiration and let's draw some seagulls together eheh - Available for the Art Friends Tier

★ The moodboard and color palette is going to be posted next Saturday, the 13th! - Available for the Art Friends Tier

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