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This month on the membership! ✨Free April calendar

Hey guys, welcome no another month on Patreon! Thank you so much for staying another month or if you're new here, welcome! ✨

This is going to be the first month in a while where I don't have any cons or markets! I'm really looking forward to rest a lot and have more free weekends to be honest 😂

Will April be the month that I finally do a shop update?? I hope so! This week I'll be organizing boxes for a end of stock + seconds sale! I'll do mystery bags this time and see how it works! You guys will have first dibs for 24 hours and I'll be sharing all the info soon :)

Let's take a look at what is going to happen in April here:

🥁 This month's theme iiiiiiis... 🥁

This month's theme is PIGEONS!! I loved the reactions on the live I did last week... Turns out a lot of people don't like pigeons 😂 I promise I'll make them cute ahaha

So the printable, Sketchbook club theme, live drawing and goodies will be all around the theme!

Sketchbook pals LIVE drawing will be on the 17th at 5pm GMT. The live is available for the Art Friends tier and up

Art and Biz Journal: I've been wanting to do this for a while... This month we'll have a special guests! I'm interviewing Jess from Jess Was Here and talk about conventions, markets, being and artist, having a small biz a growing! It will be super fun eheh

I've been meaning to interview other artists for a while and doing a podcast or a video seems very nerve wrecking to me, so I guess starting with a text interview is a little step into that!

✨ This month's Digital Downloads will be a notepad and a to do list! I hope you enjoy them :)

And that's it! I'll keep you posted for updates and behind the scenes, as well as a date for the seconds and stock off sale!

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