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Letter sets making day! Early view! ✨

I’ve been finishing up the letter sets today and I’m sooooooo happy of how they look!

They are going to come with 4 A5 letter paper, 4 notepad sheets, 1 sticker sheet and 2 tags! I’m really really proud of how they look all together eheh

You probably know I’ve been meaning to make letter sets since forever 😂 this Thursday it’s the shop update and I’ll be adding 3 new letters sets to the shop! So excited

These are the themes! What do you think?

I’ll also be making a bundle available with a matching postcard for all themes!

And the thing I’m most proud of… these tiny sticker sheets 😂 I absolutely love them! They are a smaller version of the sticker sheets I have and then have some Washi stripes below so you can decorate envelopes and all of that!

Should I add them individually on the shop or only on the letter sets? I’m not sure

Let me know what you think!


Bia x

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