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June Plans & Schedule! ✨

Hello hello, a late welcome to the month of June! I hope you are all doing great and having a lovely week ✨ I'm still recovering from May... It was an INTENSE month 😂

☆ I'm still deciding on this months theme exactly, but the main subject will be STAMPS & LETTERS! It has been a while I wanted to do something related to the theme! I'll post the theme, moodboard and color palette in a few days!

☆ This month's Art & Biz journal will be an exclusive video, where I'll share on how I have ideas for a collection, chat and draw this months theme with you! This way you can follow my full creative process :)

☆ The LIVE DRAWING will be on the 20th at 5pm 

☆ June digital download will be a coloring sheet based on the theme!

Here's the blank calendar:

Hope you enjoy being part of my community this month!

Sending love,

Bia x

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