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July Schedule e Calendar!

As I was writing the tittle of this post I realized I wrote June instead of July on the calendars... So I'm going to change that before posting šŸ˜‚

Welcome to another month, whoop whoop! It has been a while since I enjoyed a July so much.. Summer is not summer-ing here in Portugal and I couldn't be happier... I don't deal well with the heat and I'm not sweating on my sauna aka the studio! šŸ˜…

This month I have two events:

  • Hyper Japan in London!Ā I'll be there from Thursday to Tuesday, so less days than I normally spend in London. The event is going to be from Friday to Sunday, but I couldn't stay for more days because the flights were so expensive!

  • Bazar Ć  Noite,Ā a local market during the night here in my town, on the weekend after coming from London. So it's going to be a busy end of the month

Somehow, before going to London I would love to have all products photos ready so I can finally do a shop update still this month... Hopefully I can make it!

I would also loveeee to be back on Youtube this month.. I really miss chatting and having more connections with everyone in the comments here and share about my day to day. I needed a big break from it and I still do, but I miss it at the same time... I'll keep you posted!

That's the plans for this month in terms of markets, shop and YouTube!

Ok, now let's talk about Patreon & Membership content!

ā˜… Next Monday I'll do a live for all paying Patrons and Website members! It's been a while since I did one and I really want to try to do lives more often... Maybe even on Youtube? Or twitch? šŸ‘€ It will be on the 15th at 6pm

ā˜… The Sketchbook Live drawing will be on the 17th at 1pm!Ā I want to try different time zone so that everyone can take part. This way will also be on lunch time to a lot of us, so let's see if it works!

ā˜… The Art and Biz journal will be an exclusive Q&A video!Ā I'll be making a post where you can ask your questions. YAY!

ā˜… This month's digital downloadĀ will be a letter set!Ā I'll be making an envelope, letter paper and notepad sheet all within the monthly theme that you can print at home :)

I'll be sharing this month's theme, moodboard and color palette in the next few days! :D

Speak with you soon!


Bia x

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