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Discord changes

Hello hello everyone!

I've been updating and making some changes on Discord today. I wanted everyone, included Free Members on Patreon to be able to join in and I also made some improvements on it.

There will be some channel exclusive for Paying Members though! 

- The Exclusive Announcements channel will be to let you know in advance about videos and shop updates and give you early access to them. 

- In the Behind the scenes chat I'll be sharing interesting things that come up during the weekend, markets e cons behind the scenes and various things :)

- The Sketchbook Pals Club will be only available for the Art Friends tier and above and it's where I'll be sharing more on the monthly theme, keep you updated and also where you can share your entries and process as well! Hopefully this will make everything more interesting and interactive because I was feeling the live drawing wasn't enough for it :)

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