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March Goodie Box preview! šŸŒø

This one was closeeee, almost at the end of the month! But I wanted to give a little heads up to everyone that wants to upgrade tierĀ and a preview to everyone!

I'll be posting tomorrow on Instagram and other social media for everyone eheh

March box includes:

šŸŒø 2 Matte Vinyl stickers

šŸŒø A5 exclusive sticker sheetĀ in matte vinyl

šŸŒø BookmarkĀ printed front and back

šŸŒø 4x4CM stampĀ made in the studio!

šŸŒø A6 printĀ with letter written on the back

šŸŒø Themed packaging

I feel like I always say this, but I'm super proud of this one! The stamp looks super cute and this might be one of my favorite bookmarks so far eheh. And you can also use it as a print!

Hope you like it!


Bia x

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