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Thank you and updates!


Just wanted to make a new post saying thank you for the love today! Either if you bought from the sale, wrote a comment or a message, thank you!

I was feeling very nervous and I always do with updates on the shop but in the middle of it all I totally forgot how exciting everything else isā€¦ today got me super motivated to finally do a shop update with new products soon šŸ„°

Yesterday and today were some intense days.

Yesterday we did the mounting of the exhibit, came to the studio again, packed orders, made custom stamps, had a live with the Art Friends tier, took photos of all the products and then went back to the exhibit for the opening! I was already exhausted and talking to people the whole night got me dead šŸ˜‚

My friend which was one of the Artist, me and the organizer of the event! Another friends coudnt be at the event but you can see her work on the back!

We had a space for people to draw carnations and my niece did this one, it made me so happy, sheā€™s always so proud to show me her drawings šŸ’›

These are the 3 artworks I did! The theme was Freedom, since we are celebrating 50 years of the end of the dictatorship period here in Portugal on the 25th of April! Carnations are the symbol of our revolution btw!

I did a cute carnation and called it ā€˜Sweet Freedomā€™. The sky was is called ā€˜the feeling of freedomā€™ and the right one was to represent the amount of banned information that we had before. All the books and text that werenā€™t accepted by the government were painted with a blue pencil.

I added a video to the preview of this post so you can see the exhibit space!

The exhibit went really well, it was really nice to talk about such an important subject, hang out with friends and specially realize that my work can be accepted as an art form? It made me really happy šŸ„¹

It made me lose my fear to send my work to some art galleries in the future!

I then came back home at 1am and went to edit the photos to find out one of the memory cards got corrupted.. spend a long while trying to recover the files and nothing. Got up early today all sad because I had to take the photos all over again only to get to the studio and realize that I took the wrong card home and photos were safe and soundā€¦

So yeah, Iā€™m pooped šŸ’© I made some lemonade and have been a couch potato for the rest of the day, watching tv and cuddling with the cat.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

Bia x

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