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November Schedule & what’s coming!

Happy November!! Thank you so much for being here this month, your support really means the world 💛

Here's the schedule for this month!

Monthly goodies are back!!

YAAAASS! I'll be posting all about it tomorrow on my instagram! :)

I'll be sending monthly goodie boxes every month again! I'm really happy about this decision and hopefully more people will be joining Patreon and the membership again. It will a lot less confusing I think!

For the Deers tier: you'll now get a sticker sheet PLUS a vinyl sticker!

For the Bears tier: you'll get 2 or 3 vinyl stickers, a sticker sheet and mystery stationery items that change every month!

For the Whales tier: you'll get the same goodies as the Bears tier, plus an exclusive pin!

Everything will be wrapped in exclusive packaging as always! 🎉

I'm starting a book this month!

This was a little out of the blue, but a lady that worked with me before wants to work with me again. YAY! It's a very low budget, but since it's a story with animals it will also force me to work a little on my portfolio.

I'll be sharing sketches and all the phases over here, so stay tuned for that :)

Pop up shop?

Ok, this might seem a little crazy, but I'm thinking of transforming the other small studio in a little christmas pop up shop! I would open a few hours on specific days but I think it would be so cool and maybe bring a few sales?

I would have to make it all pretty and also some signs to put on the street since the studio is in a hidden commercial bulding on the first floor and no one comes here eheh

I'm trying to contact empty building on the main street to see if I can make it there, since a lot more people would see it. But if I can't, I always have the space here! I could also do an open studio day 🥰 Let's see how that goes!

Regarding the shop, I'll be doing a little Autumn/Christmas shop update in the middle on november and the plan is to make another one in december all about the reading collection, with a reading journal and all of that!

But I've been feeling very burned out so I might leave that for next year and take most december off. We'll see!

And those are the big plans for this month! What are you doing in November? Let me know in the comments :D

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