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Making my business as eco-friendly as possible is very important to me! Since I handmade most of my products I can control the waste created and I reuse any leftover materials as much as possible.

- I'm trying to reduce packaging on orders as much as possible, while keeping it cute so you can have a lovely experience when opening your orders! 
- All the packaging supplies I use are made from paper or biodegradable.
- All products are packed in glassine or white Kraft bags. These are recyclable, so please do it or even better, try to reuse them!
- The envelopes and boxes I use are all cardboard or Kraft paper with no coating.
- I use Kraft or water activated tape, both recyclable. 

- Please remove any stickers or washi tapes of any packaging before adding them to the recycling bins. 

You can choose to have reused packaging in your orders! Just leave a note on the checkout!

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